Breathing Naturally

Our breath is like a signature of life.

Medically, there is a proper way to breathe so that it allows optimum exchange of gases

Benefits of proper breathing go beyond these physiological effects. It releases our emotional blockages and is an effective purifier of consciousness and makes our and releases the inhibitions of our inner psyche and assists in any Lifestyle Modification Program

During the DDY session Harmonized Pranayam is practiced as synchronization of breath with healing music and dance movements

Stream Lined body movements
  • Breathing naturally, straight posture and coordination of simple steps with flowing arm movements releases tension from joints and spine
  • Keeps body flexible and youthful
  • These movements also provide warm-up for subsequent dance aerobic. Make our body fit and trim physically.
  • Rejuvenate the mind.
  • Relaxes the heart.
  • Give us a feel of expansion and we can experience the energy fields beyond our body.
  • Prepares us for a thorough relaxation during meditation
Simple Yogic Exercises
  • Dance yoga incorporates simple and easy yogic exercises which are performed over a musical symphony in coordination with Harmonized Pranayam
  • There is an improved alignment of our physical, mental and emotional frames.
  • They not only stretch and empower various parts of our musculoskeletal system they even have subtle effects on our cellular biochemistry
Hand Mudra

Mudra Dhyan is practiced through special hand gestures. Our hands represent the entire cosmos. The five fingers represent the five elements of nature i.e. earth, water, fire, air and sky. These five units of cosmos constitute the macrocosm and microcosm within the human body. Mudras stabilize our emotions intellect and cellular biochemistry by controlling the subtle energies of these five elements.

Gyana Mudra:. It is symbolic of the union of man & God. There is an improvement of concentration, intellect and memory. One feels free of depression and anxiety
Apan Vayu Mudra: Curling in the forefinger, union of middle finger, ring finger & thumb produce this mudra. It is related to your heart. It is especially helpful in hypertension, angina and palpitation. It also produces general relaxation and improves digestion.
Prana Mudra: Tip of the thumb is lightly pressed against the tip of ring finger and little finger. It improves the vital energy of the body. Strengthens the nerves and concentration..

Guided Meditation

Meditation has emerged as a popular tool for Lifestyle Modification. There are various systems for practice of meditation. Actually, meditation is not something we practice. Meditation is a state of profound peace and solace that descends upon us when we coordinate our breath with our Healing Chakra.

We feel released from the strenuous and hectic constraints of daily life.

Healing potential of Music and Colour in Practice Stress Management
Music and Colour Healing