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Stress Management

Dr. Neelam Verma has developed Stress Management Sessions for Lifestyle Modification.

The practice is based upon Breath Control. This traditional component of Yoga is a scientifically proven process to align our Body, Mind and Heart with Healing power of Nature. It initiates the Bio-Feedback Mechanism.

Our hectic lifestyle is associated with extreme stress, tension and anxiety which interfere with our Inner Peace. We feel this is unavoidable when we are struggling to survive in this materialistic world. But what happens when we acquire all possible fame, wealth, affluence and power. For some unknown reason we start feeling bored, frustrated or depressed. This temperamental instability disturbs the alignment of our body, mind and heart and leads to an emotional exhaustion. There is a congestion and suffocation of our emotional expression. Our hidden suppressions, inhibitions, apprehensions, fears and phobias get accumulated in our inner depths and act like a slow poison. We contract physiologically. Our Natural Healing Intelligence enters into a quantum of descent and our Basic Immune Chemistry becomes less efficient. Biologically, it triggers excessive autonomic arousal and an unnatural increase of

Blockages in our emotional plane reflect as blockages in our physiological and physical plane leading to progressive ischemia.

Prevalence of ischemic heart disease is a lifestyle induced epidemic. It is already attacking the younger and more affluent sections of the society. We have realized that medico-surgical interventions alone are not sufficient to reverse the blockages and restore cardiac function. Reversal of the process of IHD needs a system of approach which can stabilize our emotional equilibrium and improve our Natural Healing Intelligence

Healing Rhythms Sessions for Stress Management